Buying A Home in the New York City Area Just Got Easier!

Get The Service That Only An Independent Brokerage Can Offer…

Janet Adler Realty has been representing Home Buyers in NYC area for over 25 years.  We work with every client to help you find your ideal home at an ideal price, whether it’s a house, townhouse, brownstone, apartment, co-op or condo.

Our Mission as your agent:
The biggest mistake buyers make is not communicating the essential details of their desires. They work 4 times as hard as a result. The three components of a search are geography, time and budget. The details of each are essential for any broker to know as matching a buyer and property is like a combination lock. Knowing the right combination is essential.

What you should know:
All brokers have the same listings. The listing broker is “bound” to the seller. Therefore, never go to a listing unrepresented.

How we will work together:
By establishing trust and a working relationship we can achieve your goals. If trust, communication and truth are not maintained the chances of success are diminished precipitously. In short tell us everything and we can prioritize the components to your best outcome.

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