The following are the Standardized Operating Procedures for all agents of Janet Adler Realty, Ltd. for all customers:

1.  Prospective Customers whether buyers or renters who come without an agent are asked for their identification and vetted before taken to see a property.  If they have an agent, the appointment is made, and the customer is vetted via their agent.
2.  Exclusive Broker Agreements are asked for but not required to work with an agent of Janet Adler Realty.
3.  Before making an offer on either a rental or sale, financial information and/or proof of mortgage pre-approval is required.  A short form financial must be submitted to the agent before an offer is made in either case.
4.  It is suggested (but not mandatory) that property owners follow criteria set by Janet Adler Realty on exclusive sales agreements.  Such criteria is non-discriminatory and abides by the Fair Housing guidelines.